A Plan of Action

So, I’ve talked about raising the money, but my next step is to work out how I am going to manage my bankroll – in respect to this challenge.

I have a starting bankroll of around $300, and from this I want to make a regular contribution, so I actually see money being raised – but not too much so that I can’t increase my stakes, and hopefully make more money!

So, here is my plan.
At the end of every two months, take out a third of any profit in that period, and donate it. Therefore my bankroll will hopefully improve slowly, and we’ll see the fund increase.
(If I don’t make a profit in the two month period, which is possible, I will hopefully be able to make a donation anyway – but over two months at smallish stakes, I’d hope to make a profit).

I have also put a link now on this page directly to the GOSH site, so that if anyone feels unsure about donating through JustGiving, then feel free to donate directly. (I’d rather people donated through the JustGiving link, as it would give me a boost!)

And if I could ask anyone on facebook/twitter or any other social networking site to give me a mention it would be great! I’m still having a bit of trouble getting this challenge noticed, although I have a couple of ideas this week that should hopefully get it moving.

And if anyone would like to advertise on this site in return for a donation, let me know.